Qype event: Wine tasting at Bedales

Qype held another special event for some of its big contributors last night: a wine-tasting. It was held at Bedales, an awesome wine shop and tasting bar in the Borough Market.

Our host, pictured above, was the friendly, knowledgeable and entertaining Arnaud Compas, one of Bedales wine tasters and managing directors. He took as through a great tasting of this interesting selection:


  • Central Otago Cornish Point Vin Gris 2006    (£23)
  • Valchau Gruner Veltliner Klosterneuburg 2007  (£16.99)
  • Toscany Vernacchia di San Gimignano Fugnano 2007  (£12.99)


  • Geelong Sutherlands Creek Primitivo 2004   (£16.99)
  • Bourgogne Heresztyn Pinot Noir 2006    (£18.99)
  • Veneto Inama Carmenere Più 2006    (£23)

The ones I liked best were the Primitivo (POW! I like boldness. And it was froma  vineyard only 3 years old when it was made. Stronger than it tastes, so be careful) and the Inama (great cherry nose, and very young – will probably be amazing in a few years). The Vin Gris was probably the white I liked best; the Fugnano was definitely one of the most unusual wines I’ve ever had, a real love-it-or-hate it taste.

We had some great tidbits to eat with it too: cheese, meats, olives, rillette of duck, and – of course – bread.

There are some pics of the night here.

Thanks again, Qype! Get ready for a flood of Australian reviews from my recent trip.


2 Responses to “Qype event: Wine tasting at Bedales”

  1. April 30, 2009 at 2:51 am

    I think Primitivo is one of the few varietals you and I agree on.

  2. 2 Mrs B
    April 30, 2009 at 4:55 am


    The Central Otago region of NZ produces some lovely wines – Mark had a few (!) when he was on his fishing trip and came back raving about them, especially the reds, which as you know we are more partial to.

    The Geelong (two ee’s) area in Victoria I’m not that familiar with, but I’ll be on the lookout for the Primitivo now! I note that the price in the UK is only about 4 pounds more than the equivalent here.

    Happy drinking! By the way, did you take any home for SWMNBN????

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