Spanish wines: Twitter taste live

In December, Wine Conversation blogger/twitter Robert McIntosh held a special session at one of the London Blogger meetups. Rob instructed us in the use of the “taste test live” hashtag (#ttl) for Twitter. This gave the companies who had provided the wines real-time information about what we – a specific group, now all identifiable online – thought of the wines.

I’ve continued to meet up with Rob at other events: more wine tastings, blogger meetups, and at Twestival, for instance. Taste Test Live has continued as well, and I know there have been a few other live, Twittered wine tastings with groups around the world all simultaneously participating. There’s even a dedicated web site for the events that makes contributing and following them easier.

This week Rob dropped a note to his Twitter feed that he had a spot open for another TTL event. I jumped at the chance. It happened last night.

The London group – just five of us, a nice, manageable size – were graciously hosted by Ricard. The other folk were myself, Rob, The Wine Sleuth (whom I’d met before) and UltimateWines (whom I’d not). There were other tasters participating too; mostly from Spain, though we saw some Chinese input too.

You can try to read through what we thought of them live in the tasting notes at TasteLive, or doing a Twitter search or hashtag search. There were four Spanish wines for us to try:

  • Gramona Imperial Brut Gran Reserva (Cava) 2004
  • Pazo de Senorans Albariño (Rias Baixas) 2008
  • Espelt Sauló (Emporda) 2007
  • Coleccion Vivanco (Rioja) 2005

They were all good. I learned that I should be paying more attention to Albariños. The smell of the Vivanco really roped me in, and the taste showed me that I can do better when it comes to riojas with balance.

We didn’t keep perfectly synchronised with the other groups. But it was a lot of fun to share tweets, pics and video with folks ’round the globe enjoying the same wines at the same time.

After the tasting Ricard put on an awesome spread of food, and we all chatted and laughed and drank some more wine. I hope the producers who supplied the wines got as much out of it as I did.

1 Response to “Spanish wines: Twitter taste live”

  1. May 5, 2009 at 9:06 am

    glad you enjoyed it. Ricard’s job as host made a major difference (just don’t mention the postcode!)

    If you have any thoughts on how we could develop the idea further to make it even more interactive and fun, especially for those not in the wine trade with access to samples, I’d love to hear them

    see you again soon I hope, glass in hand of something does not remind you of Bulgaria I hope!

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