Qype: whisky and cake

Ooh, my head.

The folks at Qype organised another event for some of their contributors last night: an unlikely pairing of whisky and cake. Yes, you read that right. Tikichris, who made last night happen, is a big fan of the scrummy cakes made by Outsider Tart. They, in turn, use some Compass Box whiskies in their recipes, and have paird up some tipples with their treacles. Yum yum yum.

There’s a good writeup on the Qype blog, plus some pics (that include me making an odd face), so check those out. In short:

  • Outsider Tart makes an aaaaaawesome bourbon pecan pie.
  • Compass Box makes interestingly named whiskies, and they’re not afraid to experiment. I like their limited production Hedonism, a rich, sweet grain whisky.
  • The pie and that whisky go well together.
  • Both of these companies make products that are worth looking for.
  • I think I have a cake hangover.

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