More Airbus A380 thoughts

Now that I’ve made the return flight, here are a couple of additional thoughts on the A380, following up a previous post:

  • The most important thing I neglected to mention before is the flight sound. Or, rather, the lack of it. It is very significantly quieter to be in an A380 than in any other airplane I’ve ever been in, despite its four huge engines. It’s easy to miss until you think about it, but I find it less tiring and more comfortable to be battling a much lower volumes of background rorar all the time. Well done, Airbus.
  • I made an error before: the lower, more personally-focused reading lights are mounted on the bottom of the seatback video screen, not on the food tray.
  • If you’re in economy class on the main deck you can walk to the back of the plane and take the staircase up to the economy section at the back of the upper deck. It’s different from the main deck seats only in that they’re 2-4-2 configuration (rather than 3-4-3) and that there’s only about 15 rows. But it’s nice to go up stairs when you’re stretching your legs on a 13-hour Singapore-to-London flight.
  • I mentioned before that there’s lots of overhead space, and that the overhead bins are massive, great for lots of storage. Those facts – combined with the additional facts that Singapore Airways flight attendants tend to be small women – meant that those same attendants almost always needed to double-team bins that needed closing.

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