I finally saw Watchmen last night. It was very good. It wasn’t great, though.

I can see why critics are very divided. It’s a collision of legendary fanboy material, political and social and sexual themes, and a director who’s known more for style than anything else. Those are the sorts of things that will drive opinions to the edges.

I thought it was about as close a film reproduction as you could make of the graphic novel. It was condensed, obviously. But it was very faithful. It captured all the important events. It illustrated – even to non-fans, I think – a compelling alternative world. The people were all very human. You could believe that the real world might react to superhoes in this way, and be driven to these events.

The film’s faithfulness almost made it too weighty, though. It was reverential. If director Zack Synder had cut down some of the slow-mo and mobile cameras I think it would’ve felt a little less caught up in its own sense of greatness.

It’s a cool story, though, and the film doesn’t pull punches. It’s a little more profane and violent and sexualised than the novel, I’d say. But it catches the big scenes and big themes and looks great and moves along with an unstoppable energy.



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