London Bloggers Meetup: Early St Patricks

That’s right, tonight’s London Bloggers Meetup – the first of two March events – saw us (okay, me) enjoying drinks mixed with two of Ireland’s finest beverages: Bushmills whiskey and Guinness beer. This all went down at Diageo’s private bar on Henrietta Place in London (a very cool location to have a few glasses of anything, really).

Some of the drinks they had on were a bit poor: the mint julip, and the Guinness and champagne cocktail weren’t really to my taste. But some were delicious: the extra-strength Guinness export, and the Evening Irish Coffee (YUM!), for instance. There was some tasty finger food, a draw for rugby tickets, and a chance to learn to pour a pint of Guinness (my shamrock was shaky, but identifiable).

More important than that was meeting up with pals like Annie Mole, tikichris, Mel, epicurienne, and lots more. There were some folks I’d met only very briefly before, like Chris from Cheese and Biscuits and Matt from Londonist, and it was good to chat to them a bit more. I met tons of new folks, too.

It was an awesome evening, all in all. Organiser Andy pulls off another top-notch networking event.


1 Response to “London Bloggers Meetup: Early St Patricks”

  1. March 12, 2009 at 11:24 am

    Nice pour and nice pics.
    You move fast, Timinator. Haven’t even downloaded mine yet!

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