Reverse psychology Nigerian scam

I just received this email. Obviously it’s not fraudulent since they acknowledge that people send similar, fraudulent emails, and they assure me that this is not one of those.

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Sele,and i reside in Lagos Nigeria.I know the aspertion this can cast on your mind because of the exploits of a few fraudulent Nigerians on the

I am a widower with 2 little kids,a girl and a boy.I need your assistance in anyway you can in God’s name.

I have lost my job for a while now and i have been surviving on stocks i bought a long time ago.Unfortunately,because the market crashed,it did not amount to uch.
My kids have not gone to school this term because of my inability to pay the school fees and feeding my family has become a problem.

I am not a lazy man and i never anticipated such a situation in life.I have tried to get other jobs,but no way and i do not want to be involved in internet
fraud as many people do here to earn their living.

If you have any busines ideas,maybe legitimate ways to maker money online,i will be glad to learn.If you need any representative here in nigeria to handle maybe goods and services,i can do that too.I have a duely incorporated company(limited liability).

I understand that the economic recession has hit your economy harder,but it is my belief that a good person is a good person,irrespective of circumstances,as
givers never lack.
May God bless you in many folds if you can assist me in anyway.




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