Iberian Wine & Web Tasting

A few weeks ago, wine blogger, Bluenose-marrier, and all-’round nice guy Robert McIntosh told me about an upcoming Spanish and Portugese wine tasting event in London. That recommendation, and the info about the event at this link, were good enough for me: I picked up a couple of tickets.

As it happens, I met some of the people hosting or involved with that event (Ryan and Gabriella from Cata Vino, Denise from The Wine Sleuth) at the London Blogger Meetup earlier in the week.

Last night we hit the wine tasting at Vinoteca, a Farringdon wine bar. There were a lot of people jammed into a small room, and we got there late, but we managed to get through the majority of wines. There were some folks there I knew, and some new folks to meet, and it was certainly a laugh.

What I quite liked:

Spanish whites

  • 2006 Terra Alta Blanco, Artesano (Cataluňa)
  • 2007 Rueda Verdejo Viura, Nava Real (Castilla y Leon)

Spanish reds

  • 2005 La Mancha Syrah, Finca Antigua (La Mancha)

Portuguese reds

  • 2006 Vinho Regional Alentejano ‘Pedra Basta’, Quinta do Centro (Alentejo)
  • 2006 Alentejo Reserva, Conde d’Ervideira (Alentejo)

The sherries were great, too, but I was no longer tasting properly at that point.


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