The Spark: T-Mobile opens the door on its responsibility development


Mobile phone operator T-Mobile is partnering with UK volunteering organisation TimeBank to launch The Spark. They’re doing this to involve the public more in their decisions and development around their corporate responsibility programme.

At The Spark they’re looking for input from the public about the social issues that they most care about – climate change, obesity, fair trade, whatever. They’re also welcoming ideas about how they might develop mobile applications that tackle those issues, the issues that people want to be tackled. T-Mobile have already started involving the public in their responsibility apps development, and this seems a logical next step.

Disclosure time: yes, my wife works at T-Mobile, and yes, she’s been involved in these programmes. You’re not paying for my opinion, so you’re free to ignore it. But neither is T-Mobile asking you to pay for anything here. They’re just using what they’ve got – their infrastructure and their development team – to be a valued part of their community. That’s good for the community and for T-Mobile as a business at the same time. The Spark gives you a chance to contribute to that.

They’re not just about dancing, you know.


1 Response to “The Spark: T-Mobile opens the door on its responsibility development”

  1. August 10, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    i’m interested in this as we are working on a project with synergy involving public and private sector. sounds cheeky but i’d love to talk with your wife. i was at t-mobile a little over a month ago discussing use of mobile apps for societal benefit.

    could you kindly forward my contact details.


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