London Blogger Meetup: Bacardi Breeze

I attended another London Bloggers Meetup last night. As did about 50 other people, packed into a hot, loud little room at the back of Covent Garden bar Verve. It was a little intense, and the A/C seemed to be either non-existent or full-blast.

But it was a good crowd, and I had a good night balanced between chatting with pals (including Annie Mole, Lea, TikiChris, Siany, Robert, Epicurienne, and of course meetup organiser Andy) and meeting some new folks (Ryan and Gabriella at Cata Vino, Denise at The Wine Sleuth, and Ben at Wozzon for example).

There was an interesting presentation from Simone Brummelhuis about her “Female Internet Hero” magazine The Next Women.

The event was sponsored by Bacardi Breezer, who were trying out their new 100 calorie range on us in raspberry, blueberry, and pomegranate flavours. I tried all three. While I liked pomegranate the best of the lot I can’t really say that any of them will become something I choose to drink. To each his own.


3 Responses to “London Blogger Meetup: Bacardi Breeze”

  1. February 25, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    Hey Tim, it was a teensy bit crowded but it was great the way you got the a/c to work just by raising your arms to the heavens. Great to meet you and see ya at the next one!

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