25 Random Facts about Tim

The only thing more boring than the “25 random facts about me” meme on Facebook is dissing the 25 random facts meme. Therefore:

  1. I twice gave voice to Angus McLeod, a cartoon vegetarian Scotsman created by a mate who used to do animation.
  2. I have seen live performances by Nashville Pussy five times, Bob Dylan five times (soon six), The Duke Spirit seven times, and Nine Inch Nails eight times.
  3. It makes me angry when I have to pay to park a car.
  4. I cried when I visited Auschwitz. I couldn’t make myself enter Birkenau.
  5. I used to work for the Canadian military; specifically that terror of the high seas the Canadian navy. I wasn’t exactly on the front lines. Wait, do they even call them “lines” at sea? Anyway, I wrote Fortran 77 code.
  6. I’ve had so much dental work done in my life that no procedure frightens me now.
  7. I snap my fingers using my thumb and my index finger on each hand. I can only make a dull rubbing noise by using my thumb and my middle finger.
  8. I used to be a pretty good trombonist. I still own one, though I’ve not played it in yonks.
  9. I have a tattoo.
  10. I used to be an atomic radiation worker. Basically this meant that I waived my right to the normal maximum legal level of radioactive exposure.
  11. I like an occasional cigar.
  12. I used to be a rocket scientist. I did environmental tests of the joints of the robot arm on the International Space Station.
  13. Because we introduced ourselves nicely and were Canadian (maybe that’s being redundant) bassist Melissa auf der Maur put me and my pal m_blogler on the guest list for the Berlin show of the original Smashing Pumpkins’ farewell tour.
  14. I never take naps.
  15. My favourite vacation to date has been to India.
  16. I’ve donated blood regularly since 1990. I’m O-negative, which makes me a universal donor, so I feel that I should, but doing it makes me feel good anyway.
  17. When very young I met Canadian children’s TV megastar Mr. Dressup. He really needed a shave.
  18. If I’m flipping through channels and come across The Jerry Springer Show I have to watch it, at least for a bit.
  19. I think that Jaws is the most perfect movie ever made.
  20. “Deep River Apartments” is the name of the building where Isabella Rosselini’s character Dorothy lives in David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet. In Lynch’s Mulholland Drive Naomi Watts’ character Betty says she comes from Deep River, Ontario. I briefly lived in Deep River, Ontario (see #10).
  21. I have these qualifications: one degree in general science, two degrees in mechanical engineering, and a certificate in philosophy.
  22. I have worked seasonal stints as a bee wrangler. I learned that honeybees don’t fly in the dark and they cannot count higher than three.
  23. I have been lactose intolerant since 1994.
  24. Last week I downloaded the entire series of Savage Sword of Conan comic magazines; all 235 issues from 1974 to 1995.
  25. Whenever I’m on the Northern Line in London and the tube announcement voice says “Goodge Street” it makes me laugh.

3 Responses to “25 Random Facts about Tim”

  1. February 10, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Your 25 are way more interesting then mine…which by the way are on facebook!

  2. February 10, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Hehe! I laugh at Neasden!

    Also, I’m still mighty impressed when I remember you used to be a rocket scientist, even though I knew this already.

  3. February 10, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Note that my list is on Facebook, too. Or, rather, it will be as soon as WordPress sends it over. Or Facebook picks it up. I forget whether it’s push or pull. Anyway, it’ll be there soon.

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