Snow fun

A few flakes fell earlier today, but in the last hour two it’s started to properly snow in London. There is a (relatively) big snowfall coming. The worst in 6 years, they say.

At times like these my Canadian side will often emerge in a fit of sub-arctic superiority, and I pooh-pooh what would be called “an average snowfall” in Nova Scotia or “a good winter day” in Ottawa (or “summer” in Winnipeg).

However I’ve been in the UK long enough to know that anything more than 4 cm of snow will throw the entire transportation infrastructure of this nation into spinning, deep-chilled pandemonium. If I was smart, I would therefore work from home tomorrow.

I am not smart, though. I am Canadian. I will go out and show these Brits how it’s done, even if it’s done by sitting for 3 hours on a stationary train.


1 Response to “Snow fun”

  1. February 1, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    I finally have snow! About two inches! ‘Snow joke.

    Better be there tomorrow, I wanna make a snowman!

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