Unchained Guide

Shortly before leaving for the folk gig I attended last night I found out that a couple of folks I know were also going: Lea and Dave from UnchainedGuide.com. I spotted them during the interval for a short chat, and we had a quick drink after the show to catch up.

I mentioned them before when I did all my blogging on The Plummet Onions. Their site is really cool, and deserves a re-mention from this humble blog, at least. It a place to find, suggest, and generally get in touch with independent businesses. Lots of us think these sorts of businesses are worth supporting, so Unchained makes it easier to do that.

They started in London but now also have a New York site. I don’t think I’m giving anything away to say they’re unlikely to stop there, either!

Check them out, look up the nearest independent butcher, suggest some places for them to list, or join their mailing list to see when they’re starting in a city near you.


1 Response to “Unchained Guide”

  1. 1 leasimpson
    January 22, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    Thanks Tim. We feel the love, big time. And yes please, more sign ups and recommendations are what keep the site interesting. Though we try, we can’t be on every street in every part of every town. Keep the love coming. Lea

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