The return trip

Luckily, our flight back to the UK went more smoothly than our trip to Canada did (or than our first attempted return did).

It was not without its risks, though. They began at 5am when our rental car didn’t want to start. The engine would not turn over for the first six or seven attempts, but somehow eventually roared to life. Then at the airport the queues for bag drop and security at the US pre-clearance area were massive, and we had little time to spare before boarding.

Our next worry was our connection in Newark. We were scheduled to land at 8:04am; our flight from there to London was scheduled to depart at 9am. That left us no slack at all for departure delays:  although US customs pre-clearance in Halifax meant we wouldn’t have to do so or collect our bags in Newark, we still had to change terminals between planes.

Sure enough, we took forever to leave Halifax. There were latecomers, and the weather meant we had to wait for de-icing. Luckily we learned that that delay had already been built into our arrival time in Newark, given the time of year.

Still, we only de-boarded n Newark at about 8:20am. There was a further bit of good luck when we found there was a direct shuttle between our arrival terminal and the international departure one, meaning we didn’t have to exit and re-do security. We ran to the gate and found that the London departure was delayed a bit, too, so our bags managed to catch up to us.

So it’s 2009 and we’re back in our flat in London. It was a super holiday – I’ll upload some pics later – but it’s good to be home.


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