Elements 8: A Rum Do

Monday night proved to be another where it’s good to be a London blogger: I got to take part in an event sponsored by Elements 8, a premium rum company. They make some really tasty Saint Lucia rum, and a few of us got to sample cocktails made from them at three west London bars.

We hit the Portobello Star, E&O, and Montgomery Place and tried several cocktails. And boy howdy, they were delish. Too delish, probably. But how often do you get a chance to try a bowl of eggnog-like rum foam? Not often enough, I can tell you.

Seriously, though, I liked these rums – especially the Platinum – and liked the guys who run E8, too. They focus on the ingredients and craftsmanship of their liquor (the eight “elements” in their name). They’re also a fine bunch of fellows who know how to woo a blogging engineer who enjoys a spicy cocktail. Thanks for the drinks, lads.

TikiChris has written some good stuff about the night and about E8 themselves. Check out some pics from the evening, too. And no, I didn’t drink the entire bowl.

It was good to see TikiChris, Annie Mole, Mel from Fake Plastic Noodles, and Lea and Dave from Unchained, and to meet Dom from PR-otagonism. And thanks to Sally for inviting me!

Elements 8 rum

Elements 8 rum


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