Dead Set: nearly dead on

I mentioned the then-upcoming made-for-TV zombie miniseries Dead Set a couple of weeks ago. It showed on E4 last week. It was as good as I’d hoped. The premise tickled me: what if the zombie apocalypse left an enclave of humanity barricaded inside the reality TV show fortress that is the UK Big Brother house? What fun.

It was everything I’d hoped: mostly serious, with bits of dark humour. Very gory. Some good scares. Good acting. And a big eye-gouge to the whole Big Brother scene, including host Davina McCall as a gut-gobbling ghoul.

Only two things bothered me about Dead Set, and they’re related: too much shakey-cam and zombies that run. Check out Simon Pegg’s column in today’s Guardian for a good explanation about why running zombies are less scary.

Dead Set


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