The Wire: I get it

Despite the critical hype (much of it from Dan) I have not – until yesterday – yet watched any episodes of the HBO series about the city of Baltimore, The Wire. But yesterday was a rainy day, and disc 1 of season 1 was our currently-delivered Lovefilm DVD. So we watched it; the first three episodes.

The hype is no joke. It really is good. I’m now totally wrapped up in what happens to these cops and drug dealers.

I’m interested to see how they handle the other aspects of the city in the remaining seasons.


1 Response to “The Wire: I get it”

  1. November 2, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Season 1 of The Wire is probably my favourite single season of any TV show ever. Season 4 might come close, but really, any season of The Wire kicks ass. Hurry up and watch all five seasons, will ya? I have a lot I want to talk about.

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