The Mighty Boosh: Live at Brixton

The Mighty Boosh was a cult live show (and radio show) before it was a cult TV programme, so bizarre comic masterminds Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding have been making the most of their between-series break with live performances. They’re playing Wembley and the O2, but I – and the lovely Shreena – saw them last night at the Brixton Academy.

The performance would be an impenetrable chaos of sketches to anyone who hadn’t watched several episodes of the show. But it delivered what all us Boosh fans wanted: the Crack Fox in ’80s dance-pop mode, poking fun at Howard’s eyes, a giant eel, tentacled head Tony Harrison talking smack and Bollo having none of it, Howard in jazz/serious actor mode, Naboo turning his back, and the Bouncy Castle crimp. There were lots of songs: “Future Sailors” opened, there was a stomping version of “Eels” by the cockney Hitcher, a spooky rocker with bubblegum Charlie onstage, and – my fave – the punk “I Did A Shit On Your Mum”. There were so many songs, in fact, I nearly put this note on my music blog instead.

My favourite high point was the spot-on raspberry at Kings of Leon. Low points were anything that Rich Fulcher was given free rein on. And I, like others I heard, were disppointed not to get a bit of Old Gregg.

It was a good revue of mostly recent TV material. There wasn’t much new, and the limitations of not having digital special effects or time for full makeup mean it’s a bit raw. But fun for all Boosh fans to see at least once.

The Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh

Photo from Ella Mullins via Creative Commons license


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