London Film Festival

Caught two films yesterday, our entire participation in this year’s London Film Festival. It was short, but sweet.

At 4pm at the West End Odeon in Leicester Square we saw Goodbye Solo. It was a really good film, and as I’ve reflected on it my opinion has continued to go up. It’s an original story for the screen, well-shot and edited, without any excesses or false steps. It’s funny and moving. The charisma of lead actor Souleymane Sy Savane is staggering. Savane and director Ramin Bahrani were in attendance, too, and did some Q&A afterwards. I even enjoyed that.

We grabbed dinner at Mexican-Polish Mayfair restaurant L’Autre between flicks. It was plentiful and tasty, as always.

At 9pm at the Curzon Mayfair (my first time in this stylish ’70s cinema) we saw Lazy Days (Déjate Caer). It was good, but not great. Pretty funny, as you’d expect a movie about Spanish slackers to be. There were serious and bittersweet moments, too. But mostly it was about how young people find their way out of ennui and inertia.

The most surprising thing about both films was the low attendance. Weekend films in other years have been very busy, but Goodbye Solo was about half full, and Déjate Caer was less than that, I think. Global economic crisis?


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