Canada votes, and it’s as thrilling as you’d imagine

How typically Canadian: the snap federal election is over, and it’s resulted in…a slightly stronger, yet still minority, government for the incumbent party.

Ooh, upheaval.

Close, but no cigar

Close, but no cigar

Photo from jeradg via Creative Commons license


1 Response to “Canada votes, and it’s as thrilling as you’d imagine”

  1. October 15, 2008 at 11:26 am

    The only bright side to this election is that it *should* delay the next one for at least a year. This was Harper’s best, and maybe only, shot at a majority and he fell well short, so he has no reason to call another one any time soon. The NDP made some progress, but still not enough to become a major force. Jack Layton may want to call an election as soon as he thinks he can make more headway, but no one will listen to him. The Bloc…who cares? The Green party got almost 7% of the popular vote but not a single seat.

    The upheaval will be in the Liberal party. Stephane Dion will be given a blindfold and cigarette just as soon as someone can rent a convention hall. Say, early 2009. Then the Liberals will have a year to establish some presence or wait for a Harper slip-up before angling for the next election. During that time we’ll have to listen to interminable whining about the fractured left handing this election to Harper, blah blah blah. I can’t wait.

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