Cheese on Qype

Qype held another special event last night, and kindly invited me once again.

I approached this event with some mild trepidation, however: it was a cheese tasting night at La Cave à Fromage. And I, some of you will know, am lactose intolerant. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to miss a freebie: I left the house armed with as much lactase enzyme as my pockets would accomodate.

It was an excellent evening. Some past friends were there – Rob and Urbanite from Qype, TikiChris from Londonist, and Lea from Unchained. There were some other media folk too, from podcasters to bloggers. You can read what I thought about the night at my Qype review, but the summary: it’s a freaking awesome place. If you love cheese, you should stop here anytime you’re near South Kensington.

We’ve been promised some notes about the cheeses we tasted, and I’ll post those if I get them. But I bet that these photo sets alone will convince you to go.

The big shocker for most of us? You can make alcohol from cheese whey. I didn’t care much for it on its own, but it was okay when tasted with some of the cheese.

Additional things I learned last night:

  • The Hoop and Toy pub in South Kensington is closed for renovations right now.
  • Janet’s Bar on old Brompton Road is a lot of fun, but too expensive for me.
  • A new London restaurant called Lantana – specialising in fresh, different breakfasts – will be opening soon at 13 Charlotte Place (near Goodge St). I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks, Qype!

Cheese at La Cave à Fromage

Cheese at La Cave à Fromage

Photo from Hinchcliffe on flickr.


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